Systemic Counseling and Therapy

What is my professional background?
I studied psychology, graduating with a degree equivalent to a Master's Degree. I then trained as a Systemic Therapist for Individuals, Couples and Families and became a certified communication trainer.

What can I offer you?
My focus is on Systemic Counselling and Therapy for adults, both individuals and couples. It is not always easy to distinguish between counselling and therapy, for the line between them is often blurred. The issues my clients want to work on and the goals they want to achieve depend on the context of their private and professional lives and can be very varied.

What does "systemic approach" mean?
Historically, the systemic approach is derived from family therapy. Today, however, it is widely used in different fields, from coaching and counselling for individuals to organizational development. This approach focuses on the “system” in which individuals interact and communicate, in which they grow and learn, but which may also slow down and hinder their personal development. The diverse techniques used by systemic practitioners include particular methods asking questions and visualizing systems that are relevant to the client. The effectiveness of the systemic approach has been scientifically recognized in Germany and several other countries.

What is the typical "procedure" ?
The first step is to find out exactly what you need and how I can help you to achieve it. I take a close look at your individual background and the personal environment (or "system") relevant to your goal (such as your family, your relationship, your coworkers).
Adressing and resolving issues of your past may be (but does not necessarily have to be) part of our therapeutic relationship.
I will accompany every step of the way to your personal goal. You will set the pace and you yourself determine what changes you want to make in your every day life. I will ask you questions from my perspective being someone from outside "the system" and suggest other techniques besides discussion (such as visualization, writing and role plays) to gain insight into your personal situation and develop with you the best way for you to deal with the issue at hand and to achieve your goals step by step.

How many sessions are needed?
In my experience a small number of sessions are usually sufficient to get a general idea of your current situation and the steps you would like to take to change it. Or you might also decide to receive coaching for a longer period of time. Whichever suits you best - it is entirely up to you. We will discuss your requirements together, along with the techniques we will use and the duration and frequency of the sessions.

Things that might interest you...
I offer my services in English and German.
I consider regular peer coaching, supervision and continued professional training to be essential to ensure a high quality of work as well as my own mental hygiene. All your personal information will of course be treated with the utmost discretion, respecting the principle of therapist-client confidentiality.
Further information is available on this website. I will be happy to answer your questions via email or phone (please see “Contact”).

Thank you very much for your interest.
Irina Theisen.